What is “The 202”?
“The 202” is an interview program dedicated to talking with scribes, flacks and politicos about their adventures, experiences and memories from past political campaigns and news events. The show is non-partisan and focuses on history and keeping stories alive from generation to generation, as opposed to scoring political points or debating the issues of the day.

Who are guests on the program?
Guests include political reporters (scribes), political press secretary and communications director types (flacks), and politicos (former candidates, office holders, campaign managers, etc.).

Why does this program exist?
Politics today has evolved into 24/7 blood sport of working to make the other side look bad. “The 202” celebrates the historical, memorable and lighter side of the American political system and its participants.

When is the program taped?
The program is taped weekly and available for listening by anyone with a computer or smart phone.

Where is the program taped?
The program is taped at the offices of kglobal – a Washington, D.C., based communications firm.

Where can people listen to the program?
The program is available on kglobal’s website and in the iTunes Store.

Who is Randy DeCleene and why is he the host?
Randy DeCleene has enjoyed radio, newspapers, and worked in politics and public affairs much of his life, hence why hosting this program is of interest to him. His biography is available here.

What’s with the long bumper music?
Good bumper music makes for a better interview program.

What if I have comments about the program?
Email them to randy@the202online.com.