Remembering Jack Kemp

Jimmy Kemp, President, Jack Kemp Foundation

Episode 06: Remembering Jack Kemp – A Conversation with His Son Jimmy

August 25, 2014

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Jack Kemp was a Congressman from 1971 to 1989 and was Bob Dole’s Vice Presidential nominee in the 1996 election. Jimmy Kemp serves as President of the Jack Kemp Foundation. The Foundation has launched the Kemp Leadership Academy and the Kemp Forum in order to develop and engage exceptional leaders. In this episode of The 202, Jimmy reminisces about growing up as the son of Jack Kemp, discussing his dad’s “life after football” and his eventual foray into politics, including the 1988 Republican Presidential primary and serving as President George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Jimmy also discusses his involvement with the Jack Kemp Foundation and who he believes are the future torchbearers of the Republican Party.